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While general conversational intelligence (GCI) can be considered one of the core aspects of AGI, the fields of AGI and NLP currently have little overlap, with few existing AGI architectures capable of comprehending natural language and nearly all NLP systems founded upon specialized, hardcoded rules and language-specific frameworks. This workshop is centered around the idea of INLP, an extension of the interpretable AI (IAI) concept to NLP; INLP allows for acquisition of natural language, comprehension of textual communications, and production of textual messages in a reasonable and transparent way. The proposed presentations regarding Link Grammar (LG), unsupervised LG learning, interpretable NLG/NLS, and sentiment mining/topic matching cover various INLP methods that may bring a greater degree of GCI to proto-AGI pipelines.

Particular topics of interest include, but are not limited to:



Tentative Schedule

The workshop will be structured as a hybrid event – both virtually and physically with in-person attendance at the Seattle (Washington, USA) conference venue, depending on COVID-19 regulations at the time of the conference. Each presentation is expected to be structured as a talk, between 30 minutes and one hour (depending on the number of accepted speakers) in duration, including Q&A time at the end. The overall schedule will be aligned to that of the AGI-22 conference.

ALL PARTICIPANTS (virtual AND in-person) must register at The attendance information for virtual/online participants will be sent to registrants (those who fill out the INLP registration form) via the emails included in registrants’ form responses. Physical attendance requires additional registration at Updates on the workshop organization and any questions during the workshop are expected on Telegram channel.

The following presentations are scheduled (US Pacific times):

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The workshop has ended. Watch the recording below:

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Call for Papers

The paper submission period is now over.

We have an open call for speakers to submit papers/presentations. The workshop scope may include extended presentations based on papers accepted for the main AGI-2022 conference and papers not accepted for the main conference, as well as preprints on arXiv or other publications/talk proposals submitted in alternative formats. The call for presentations will be open till July 20, 2022 with author notification by July 30.

To submit a paper or presentation, email the following information:




To contact the INLP organizing committee, email